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The polder is a great place for an eight-year-old boy. I am often away alone, walking in the polders and through the orchards, or out biking. I learn to read at an early age. I like to read and I read a lot. I also learn English quite early. I am often busy copying pictures of Muka cars with a pencil, and I indulge in the brand's history. I live in a mansion that I have designed myself, with a self-designed garden, and I drive a car designed by myself. I hate all forms of sports or games.

polder near Lexmond

Polder somewhere near Lexmond.

I am fascinated by stories about classical antiquity, as well as by Latin. I also learn Vixatian and at the end of 1981 I become representative of the country where that language is spoken, Vixati. Over the years I collect a wealth of information about the country.

Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht

Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht (grammar school).


Music becomes more and more important. I listen to the radio a lot, and the first album I buy is a compilation album by the Beatles. My first holiday alone is when I am seventeen. I go to Lisbon and other places.
     Because many people appear to be unaware of the existence of Vixati, I start to write the Post uit Vixatië (translated: 'Mail from Vixati'), a magazine about politics, news, art, philosophy and religion. I publish the magazine from my sixteenth until my nineteenth, on average once every two to four weeks, and send it to around ten interested people. I write the articles on a Commodore 64 home computer, and also take care of the layout and distribution.

Moving out

I move to Utrecht to study human geography. I am a member of the unconventional students' club BITON. Van der Graaf Generator is my favourite band.

the street where I first lived after having moved out

The street where I first lived after having moved out.

Representative of countries

Reports about Vixati fall silent, and I become representative of Ubilan, a country in an early stage of technological development on the continent Gmune. History and religion in Ubilan are inseparable. After about six years the reports about Ubilan fall silent as well, and in 2000 I become representative of the country Caltura, a municipal society, situated on the planet Mimia (this website is named after that planet). In about 2008 I stop writing about Caltura.
     When I am twelve I foolishly end my subscription to the brilliant Dutch weekly magazine Donald Duck, but when I am twenty-three I subscribe anew. Since around this time I also enjoy reading other graphic stories. My taste in music changes, influenced by the VPRO radio program Grand Disco Classique, and I get to know lots of new music.

inspiring maps and books

I have always been inspired by maps. These are some maps and books that fuelled my imagination.


In April 2004 I (re-)meet Laura. That summer we go on a holiday to Morocco together. We share our fascinations for music and computers and more, and I manage to find a lot of new music. Her activities in building websites inspire me to build my own, from November 2006. Here is Laura's website.
     In May 2005 in London, the same day as the reunion concert by Van der Graaf Generator, we are at a concert by Judge Smith. From September 2007 on Laura is Judge Smith's webmaster.
     In February 2008 Laura and I find a house where we live together since 1 March. We have a terrace and a small garden, and apart from a livingroom and a bedroom Laura and I each also have a room of our own. On 26 March we get married. We move house on 27 November 2015.

Mark Uwland

A picture of me in October 2019 (by Dick Boetekees).


Laura, in April 2013 (smartphone-photo).

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