Nederlands (Dutch)Holiday 2007

I did not translate the Dutch story about our holiday of 2007. This is a page with only the photos and the captions in English. Click on a photo for enlargement.

Reggae 'Pon Da Beach

Reggae 'Pon Da Beach (scan).

Reggae Sundance 2007

Ambience at Reggae Sundance 2007 (photo copyright Derrick Bergman, taken from the website of Reggae Sundance).

wristband and two coins

Wristbands and two coins left over (scan).

Sully and the Loire

Sully-sur-Loire and the river in the evening.

the new tent and me

The new tent and me, at the Loire.

satellite image of Cayres and the crater lake

This satellite image of Google maps shows the village Cayres and the crater lake in the forest.

Laura at the camping in Cayres

Laura near the tent and the car at the camping in Cayres.

Lac du Bouchet

Scanned image of the business card of the hotel at the Lac du Bouchet.

from the pedalo

View from the pedalo over the crater lake.

surroundings of the Lac du Bouchet

Surroundings of the Lac du Bouchet. The photo was taken from a slope, with the volcano behind me.

photogenic church

Photogenic church, not far from our camping.

meadows with walls

Meadows with small stone walls.

wall with red stones on top

Wall with red stones on top.

fallen into disrepair

Fallen into disrepair.

St. Didier-sur-Alliers

St. Didier-sur-Alliers from the other side of the valley.

from my shelter during the rain

View from my shelter during the rain.

our tent at the camping in Le Lauzet

Our tent at the camping in Le Lauzet.

the tent is near the river Ubaye

The tent is near the river Ubaye.

mountain tops near the village

Mountain tops near the village.

old Citroën at the camping

At the camping an old Citroën truck is parked in a shed.

road to Barcelonnette

The road to Barcelonnette.

lake near Le Lauzet

The lake near Le Lauzet in 2006 (a photo from Wikimedia Commons).

Laura over the ravine of the Ubaye

Laura over the ravine of the Ubaye.

lower bridge over the Ubaye

View of a lower bridge over the Ubaye.

waterfall along mossy stones

A waterfall along mossy stones.

we walk into the tunnel

We walk into the tunnel.

looking backward

Looking backward from inside the tunnel.

the beast

The beast.

one last look at the ravine

One last look at the ravine.

too cold to swim

Too cold to swim.

alpine marmot

An alpine marmot in 2006 (a photo from Wikimedia Commons).

fruit on the tree above our tent

Fruit on the tree above our tent.

Laura at the Lago d'Orta

Laura at the Lago d'Orta.

island San Giulio, in the Lago d'Orta

The island San Giulio, in the Lago d'Orta. This photo wasn't taken by us, but I don't remember where I got it from.

our food this evening

Our food this evening (flash!).

square in Vigévano

Square in Vigévano.

covered road in Vigévano

Covered road in the castles of Vigévano.

looking upwards from under the tree

Looking upwards from under the tree.

full moon

Full moon (apparently with a branch in front).

full moon, that same night

Full moon, that same night.

village near the Grimsel pass

Village near the Grimsel pass (photo taken from the car).

stacked house

A stacked house. Above the ground floor, above the front door, vertical beams carry round, flat stones, on top of which the top floor of the house rests. I don't remember where I found this photo. We did not take it.

hairpins in the Grimsel pass

Hairpins in the road ahead disappear, up the mountain side and into the cloud/mist of the Grimsel pass (photo taken from the car).

Rhône-glacier in the mist

View of the Rhône-glacier in the mist (photo taken from the car). This glacier is the (larger part of the) source of the Rhône river.


The lake is called the Totensee, and is on the highest point of the Grimsel pass, 2160 metres above sea level. Wikipedia writes that in November 2006 all fish in the lake died as a result of an unknown cause. But what did you expect, with a name like that...

Laura in the hotel room

Laura in the hotel room.

view from the hotel room

View from the hotel room.

the same view fifteen minutes later

The same view fifteen minutes later.

post card of the lake and hotel

One of the post cards that we bought in the hotel, with a view of the lake and the hotel.

Grimsel pass

On the Grimsel pass.

crystal cave

In the crystal cave.

glacier on our way down the Grimsel pass

A glacier and a river on our way down the Grimsel pass.

on our way back home

On our way back home.

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